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Suggest, present and realize annual/quarterly/monthly action plans to ensure sales volume growth on assigned geographical area. Regularly control Distribution Partner/Sub-Distributors’ sale prices in accordance with functioning price model. Report the key business activities and factors to Superior Manager on regular basis (electronic version as per agreed form).


Control the achievement of Company targets on POS and coolers placement on assigned geographical area by month and by channel.­Ensure that each item of Red Bull POSM/coolers being placed to the outlet only after written approval by OPM and signing proper agreement. Control the inventory of Company coolers placed in on and off-premise.


Set-up and sustain proper route-to-market in accordance to Red Bull guidelines. Delivery monthly trade sales volume based on LRE (last revised estimation).­Train DP field sales forces to sell targeted volume and set-up in-outlet execution standards.


Regularly analyse the potential of distribution growth in the region, inform the superior manager of all the new opportunities, possible risks and threats, and coordinate action plan. Control the Distributor/Sub-Distributors in the field of Red Bull distribution build-up by SKU in all channels. Tracks if all the outlets are covered by Distribution Partner’s/Sub-Distributor’s sales personnel according to distribution and sales plans. Encourages the expansion of outlets coverage by Distribution Partner/Sub-Distributors


A little bit about us

The Soft Drinks Company is a premier player in the wholesale & distribution of Soft Drinks throughout the Europe.  We offer a sameday delivery service within the Derry and Donegal region.  We both wholesale and distribute throughout Europe And World Wide.

What we do

The Soft Drinks Company provides an array of services including Wholesale and Distribution of Soft Drinks on a Local, National and International basis.  The team behind Soft Drinks Company has facilities, contacts and vast experience in Importing/ Exporting and stocking goods globally.  This means our continuity of supply and dedicated stock levels means you know you’re dealing with the right company firsttime, everytime.

Value we bring

Formulation and Ingredients

Beverage industry trends are in our blood. With our help you will develop products which will win the hearts and minds of the consumers.

Contract Manufacturing

Our main objective is to produce a drink of the right quality, right quantity, at the right time and at the minimum cost.

Construction Management

Engineering, architecture and the entire project designing for beverages plants.

Beverage Consulting Services

You will understand how beverage industry really works. Think of MyDrink as a reliable partner who helps to grow your beverage business


Keep it simple

Our business partners have indeed no direct contact with Principals,
because they are not able to order volumes that are necessary to have
relations with official distributors. For this reason, we supply them
with mixed loads composed of different brands.

If you have a particular brand or product that you’re interested in, being food or nonfood product, contact us and we’ll do our best to satisfy your needs.

Global exporters of Red Bull Energy Drink

-Pepsi Exporters

-Coca Cola Exporters

-Heineken Exporters

-Carlsberg Exporters