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Clase Azul Joven Día de Muertos 2020 Edition 1 Liter

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The golden tequila opens with inviting aromas of agave, dark fruit, citrus, and spice. On the savory palate, you’ll find vanilla, oak, toffee, nuts, and white pepper, culminating in a long, nuanced, and complex finish


This special tequila is a blend of 3 Clase Azul spirits: the Plata, the Reposado (aged 8 months in oak), and the Ultra (aged 5 years in sherry casks). It’s a complex sipping experience with a bottle that features a skull motif with Mexican marigold flowers.

3 reviews for Clase Azul Joven Día de Muertos 2020 Edition 1 Liter

  1. Petter

    i heard the where left few of it i decided to rush and get mine immediately you shop was recommended by a friend thanks for your talk through Jahmes the Delivery was not disappointing, Appreciate

  2. karlos

    been looking for this Azul Joven for some time now after watching a Movie queen of the south the talk a lot about Tequila i had to go online and search before getting to this website wines collection and Jahmes was the person i Talked too very welcoming and i received my Joven Drink

  3. Cross

    have been asking every wine shop for Joven Azul the said its finish in stock i had to keep searching before i get to this shop online i called Jahmes he approved it was available i ordered at once and it was deliver to me within 3 days

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